Friday, July 11, 2008

Queen of The Blogger Slackers.

Has it really been a month? Oops!

Well here is our month in a nutshell.....

**After returning home from our Indiana visit, we stayed busy with swimming and just having good old fashioned fun.....for a week.

**We received an email from Sharon stating that her mother was not doing so well. We decided to load up the kids and take yet another trip. We had a great time visiting family and the boys were able to see their great grandmother for the first time.

**Back home again. The kids were ready to stay home for a that is what we did. We hung out and had great family fun.....then the pool pump went kaput....sniff sniff.

**Andrew had a fun eighth birthday with lots of camping gear, a cool remote control jeep, guitar hero, super smash bros. (wii game), and some birthday money....always a winner! We celebrated at the local mexican restaurant where they sang and fed us free sopapillas! Oh yeah, and Andrew wore a sombrero during the serenading. Good times.

**I am revving up for our first year of homeschooling. I am very excited and I cannot wait to get started....David can wait (he says). He wants the summer to last a little longer. I am all finished picking out curriculum (a large task for me) and we are ready to roll.

**The kids have been camping out in the playroom with their tents. They are really roughing it with their air conditioned room, TV, and all the inside amenities. Anyway, they are having a great time with it and I am getting over having this VERY LARGE mess in the house. (Because that is what it is.)

**So that has been our month. I have not paid much attention to blogging. I don't have any great excuses, so I will not give one. I just didn't do it. My goal is to do better....hehe.


Lisa said...

Those are some great pictures!

MommydeSmith said...

Thanks Lisa!