Friday, July 25, 2008

The Milk Man...Well Boy.

Today I ran out of my skim/fat-free milk. Thus enlies the reason for my blog tonight.

So, upon discovery of my much needed trip to the grocery, I happened to find two, one dollar bills in my purse. (I never have cash on me since the invention of the debit card) I thought, ya know, I could just let my 12 year old go into the grocery and make the purchase???? I know what you are thinking, wow, you are sure living on the wild side, Amber. For those of you that know me well, know that I usually never let my children out of my peripheral range of sight. Anyway, I was so amused with the idea that I informed David that he could do "the deed" for me and it would save me a trip in and a possible impulse buy. Of course, he was very hip to the idea.

I could see his mind starting to think of how he would perform this act....Should I go to the self-checkout lane, should I get a cart, or should I just get a basket, which way shall I walk to get to the milk area???? It's perplexing to people like him and me.

We arrive at Wally-World and he is so excited he can barely stay buckled while turning into the parking lot. Off he goes into the big store all by his little self. He glanced back several times to see if I was watching him walk in...guess what, I WAS! Big shocker, right?

A few moments passed......

Out he came sporting his pre-pubescent walk, a bag in one hand, and the largest ear to ear grin I have ever seen. I was trying not to laugh, but it couldn't be held back...he was so excited.

He did a great job buying exactly what I told him and he gave me back all of my change! He informed me on the way home that he could probably just be given my grocery list and he could do all of my shopping for me. I told him I thought I would probably do it for right now....but if I ever needed a 1/2 gallon of milk again...he would be the go to guy!

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