Thursday, October 29, 2009

Texarkana Bound.

The cat is out of food. Of course, we have a cat that will not eat Wal-Mart food so we are forced to drive an hour to fetch the goofball food. The eldest child said to me on Monday that the cat had about 4-5 days of food left....which pleased me because we could just make a trip this weekend. That next day on Tuesday....the cat was poured his last bowl of food. The boy does not have a future in material planning/management....oh well. So we are off....messing up the daily school schedule and everything else that was initially planned for the day.....did you hear that? That was my OCD siren going off!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Carnival Fantasy: A Joke For a Cruise Ship....and My Review!

The hubby and I thought we would have a nice little "alone time" retreat to the Caribbean....on a really didn't turn out the way we had expected. I'll fill you in!

The not so great stuff:
  • It seemed as though all areas except the dining room were smoke filled, cough, hack, cough.
  • Food was MCL/Old Country Buffet quality...sometimes worse.
  • Evening shows were not as good as some that I have seen at high school functions.
  • The comedian put one of our friends to sleep and never received a laugh from my hubby or myself.
  • The continuous movement of the ship, the only time we could not feel movement is when the boat was docked at port.
  • Husband rolled off of a stool from the movement, water sloshed out of our glasses at meals, my girlfriend and I almost took several falls with our heels on at elegant night.
  • Never able to walk in a straight line on the ship....watching poor elderly people struggle to walk.
  • The barf bags set out next to all of the elevators for our convenience....YUK!
  • Some of the filled bags set out....BLUH.
  • Finding out the captain did not use stabilizers for the purpose of conserving fuel...I think everyone would have chipped in if that was the case.
  • Ping pong and mini-golf...only activities available on the ship...Oh, sorry....there was a pool and hot tub as well, but since the rocking of the ship was so intense....they were closed a lot of the time.
  • Did I mention the food was lousy? Desserts were pre-made...COME ON!
  • Constant motion sickness type feelings.....having to head to bed early almost every night to prevent a toilet hugging event....not that there was anything to do anyway!
  • We actually paid for this vacation!

On the more positive side:

  • We were able to have friends on the ship which made the experience laughable and not an entire flop....very much a blessing!
  • The beds were comfortable as well were the pillows!
  • Brand new televisions in the that really on my pro list?
  • Didn't pay that much for this cruise.
  • Our stateroom attendant was extremely nice and attentive.
  • Our dinner staff was amazingly nice and helpful....Joseph would replace our disgusting entrees with the very tasty shrimp cocktail appetizer any time we asked (every night).
  • Being able to have as many shrimp cocktails as we could engulf.
  • The shrimp cocktail was good!
  • Great pizza and caesar salads.
  • I never had to "act" on the motion sickness...everything stayed down the entire cruise.
  • Didn't get hurt the many times that I fell because of the constant swaying.
  • Nobody fell off of the ship!
  • Card playing on the Lido deck with our friends.
  • Good times in Cozumel and Progreso Mexico.
  • Only rained a couple times...rather than the expected rainy weather.
  • So happy to see the cruise come to an end!

I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to set sail on another cruise ship, but if I do it will NOT be with Carnival Cruise Line, it WILL be an enormous ship, and it will most definitely NOT set sail from New Orleans!

Just a side note: I stepped foot off of the boat on Thursday, October 22nd and I still feel the movement of the ocean when I walk or move a certain is most assuredly not pleasant.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Game On....and the Repellent Too.

We experienced a brief dry period last night so we were able to play our soccer game.....and we won (still undefeated)! Only downside: the mosquitoes were as active as the children! We took repellent and it was a good thing. The critters were in dive-bombing mode. When we arrived back home, I had a few pesty soccer field stragglers down my shirt! about feeling buggy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Rain, rain go away...the four year old chants as he is all uniformed up for the game and I have just let him know that the game has been cancelled....sigh!

Our last soccer game was cancelled due to the excessive amounts of rain we have had and are still having. We have another game scheduled for tonight. Will we get to play? Probably not...still rainy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Goings On.

Just a few things happening at the ol' Smith ranch:
  • Cruise attire shopping this past weekend....after the funk had left the house for 24 hours.
  • David woke up this morning with more funk...crud!
  • Sooooo much laundry to do with the constant changing of the germ-ridden sheets.
  • Formulating the initial packing list for the cruise.
  • Started writing out the typical daily goings on for while we are away.
  • Planning some meals for my mother-in-law so she doesn't have to mess with it.
  • Lots of rain AGAIN around these parts.
  • Shoe organizer for the laundry room broke (really bothering my OCD ....going to Wal-Mart later to see what I can replace it with).
  • Braydon has another soccer game tomorrow....always amusing.
  • Waiting on some books to get here that I ordered.

That's about it....hopefully everything will get done!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Funk.

Everyone in the house yesterday (except husband) was sick with something different.

Me: Stomach virus of some sort.

David: Sore throat.

Braydon: Sniffles/red, itchy eyes.

We all feel much better today....thank goodness! I want to get all of the funk out of this house before cruisin' time!