Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wii Fit Fun!

My Surprise!

Late yesterday afternoon, I had noticed I had ran out of romaine lettuce. I called my hubby to see if he would mind running to Wally-World after work (it is right across the street for him). Of course, he said he would.

He walked into the kitchen "tossed" the salad to me (haha), and went back outside??? I was wondering where he went, but I was in the middle of finishing dinner so I didn't think too much about it. He came back in, only this time he was holding a brand new Wii Fit!

I was so excited! I had been wanting one of them forever, but we couldn't find them anywhere. Chris had people at work (obviously, unbeknownst to me) looking for this game and one of them had found it! How wonderful my husband is.

After dinner we played it and had a great time. It was quite comical to see me do the balancing exercises, since my balance is HORRIBLE! The Wii actually asked me if I fell down a lot (husband laughing hysterically at this point). I actually do trip and fall a lot, but that isn't the point here. We had a fun evening and I cannot wait to continue to use my new exercising tool.

Thanks, honey! I love you bunches. :) You always do such wonderful things for me. I feel blessed EVERY day knowing that you are my one and only!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Boys....And A Closeup.

Expiration Is A Possiblility.


I believe yesterday and today it has been between 104 and 105 degrees outside. The heat index was over 115 degrees! It's not even August yet, what is this yankee gonna do??

The only saving grace our family has is the swimming pool. Unfortunately, the temperature of the water has been creeping up and up. I believe our water was 96 degrees today. It is almost like a hot bath in hot weather....still wonderful to have though. The previous owners of our home stated we may need to put ice cubes in the pool at some point through the summer. I understand why now!
We are in our pool every single day and we wouldn't know what to do without it.

Yesterday, we went to a nearby lake and looked around, but it was too hot to do the trails and such, maybe next time. (if it's fall, that is) hehe.

Maybe the boys and I will fry an egg on the patio tomorrow, they would get a kick out of that, I think!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Boy's Blog.

Well, he did it. David finally has his own blog. Check it out...


Friday, July 25, 2008

The Milk Man...Well Boy.

Today I ran out of my skim/fat-free milk. Thus enlies the reason for my blog tonight.

So, upon discovery of my much needed trip to the grocery, I happened to find two, one dollar bills in my purse. (I never have cash on me since the invention of the debit card) I thought, ya know, I could just let my 12 year old go into the grocery and make the purchase???? I know what you are thinking, wow, you are sure living on the wild side, Amber. For those of you that know me well, know that I usually never let my children out of my peripheral range of sight. Anyway, I was so amused with the idea that I informed David that he could do "the deed" for me and it would save me a trip in and a possible impulse buy. Of course, he was very hip to the idea.

I could see his mind starting to think of how he would perform this act....Should I go to the self-checkout lane, should I get a cart, or should I just get a basket, which way shall I walk to get to the milk area???? It's perplexing to people like him and me.

We arrive at Wally-World and he is so excited he can barely stay buckled while turning into the parking lot. Off he goes into the big store all by his little self. He glanced back several times to see if I was watching him walk in...guess what, I WAS! Big shocker, right?

A few moments passed......

Out he came sporting his pre-pubescent walk, a bag in one hand, and the largest ear to ear grin I have ever seen. I was trying not to laugh, but it couldn't be held back...he was so excited.

He did a great job buying exactly what I told him and he gave me back all of my change! He informed me on the way home that he could probably just be given my grocery list and he could do all of my shopping for me. I told him I thought I would probably do it for right now....but if I ever needed a 1/2 gallon of milk again...he would be the go to guy!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Husband Went To Jail Today???!??!

Chris is heading up some foreign trade zone thing at his place of employment. With this responsibility comes a few weird quirks. He had to give all personal information starting from birth and today we found out he was to be fingerprinted. Crazy!

So he goes to the local police station/municipal court/jail/sheriff's office/library/city hall today....whew that is quite a facility. Backing up a moment, I have to describe this geographic location. The prisoners walk in and out of the building at most times of the day. When I take the kids to the library, we always see them outside smoking or washing the police cars. This is an odd sight to take in as a city girl. I mean there is not any guards or anything. This gives an entire new meaning for the term "trustees" in jail, right? Ok, back to the fingerprinting. Chris is in the police station section of the afore mentioned long named place. This means he is at the desk labeled, Police Station. The lady at the desk asked him and his co-workers to have a seat and she would be with them in a moment. (Chris said she was working on something upon their arrival.)

After waiting for 45 minutes she asked if she could be assistance (Folks, nothing fast happens in this city, we have lived and learned). When they stated the reason for their visit, she quickly apologized and said, "Oh, I am sorry, you will have to come back tomorrow. Today is Thursday, our court day, we are admitting all of the prisoners today." Keep in mind that my husband called earlier that day and he was told to come by anytime. They are just used to people moving so slowly down here, I don't think they actually thought he would be coming on that same day...I mean that is some kind of crazy lightning speed...whew, crazy hoosiers!

Knowing my husband, he would have to have a response to that, right? Well he said, "What would be a good time to come?" She replied, "Anytime would be a fine time, except for Thursdays, or anytime between 11 am and 1 pm, or after 4." My husband said his thanks and the crew were on their way back to work.

Anyway, they have decided to give it another try tomorrow. It will be before 11, after 1, and before 4......

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A New Braydonism.

A new term for sausage biscuits per Braydon........

He is convinced that the new name shall be...Hyena Burgers!

I believe the new influence is from his current favorite movie, George of The Jungle.

Go figure.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Funny Times.

Here is a comical little conversation with Daddy and Braydon....

Setting: Braydon being goofy (as always) playing around with Daddy.

Daddy: Tootie, why are you soooo crazy?

Tootie: Daddy, ya know I've been falling down a lot....proceeds to show boo-boos.

I thought that was cute....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I always encourage David to write as much as possible. He writes short stories and I have him journal everyday. He is also wanting to start a daily devotional/prayer journal which I think is wonderful. I believe that the importance level of having children write frequently is unmeasurable. Sometimes you have to give constant nudges to get them to write, but it is all worth it. I am sure they will thank you when they are older and trying to get into college...maybe.

I am excited to say that he has decided to share some of his stories/everyday issues with us all. He is going to start a blog just like me!! How fun.

When it is finished, I will be sure to let everyone know the address so you can all check it out. I am sure it will be chucked full of "good stuff"!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10,000 Pictures.

David has been saving up for a laptop computer. This is quite a task for him since money always has a way of burning holes in his pockets. Well, I knew it couldn't last forever.....

We took a trip to Texarkana on Monday to do some Mom-like errand stuff. David had been talking about possibly getting a digital camera for several days. He does really enjoy taking pictures so I thought this may not be the worst thing to spend his money on, so I allowed the pre-purchase browsing to commence. He bundled up a good chunk of his money, stuffed it in his wallet, and was ready to roll.

I decided that we would check out Target's cameras just to get an idea of what was out there in the "beginner camera-man" category. They didn't really have that great of a selection, though, so we went to our family favorite for electronics, Best Buy.

We checked out all of the merchandise and then a salesman came up to David and asked him what he would like in a camera. I enjoyed listening to them communicate about his likes, dislikes, and the limited budget. I cannot believe he is getting so BIG! Anyway, he had a very intellectual and grown up conversation ( I was in the background listening, but still trying to give David his space). A few moments later, David had picked a camera and we were in the checkout lane. I don't know about other mommies, but it is always so hard for me to see my kids spend their own money on things, especially a large amount of money. Oh well, I will get over it...cha ching...the money was gone.

In normal David fashion, on the way home he had read the entire manual for the camera. He was telling me all of the features that it had and what he really liked about it. I kept waiting for the buyer's remorse, but it hasn't come yet.

When we arrived home it galore. It was an unexplicable display of flashing and clicking. He took pictures of dirty dishes, the inside of the butter tub, one million pics of the dog, and anything else laying around.

We went to Wal-Mart today and he purchased a camera case and some lithium batteries. I am so happy he is having a great time with it. I am going to look around for some possible photography classes that he may be able to participate in.

He didn't quite make the laptop, but I think that he will equally enjoy this purchase.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Queen of The Blogger Slackers.

Has it really been a month? Oops!

Well here is our month in a nutshell.....

**After returning home from our Indiana visit, we stayed busy with swimming and just having good old fashioned fun.....for a week.

**We received an email from Sharon stating that her mother was not doing so well. We decided to load up the kids and take yet another trip. We had a great time visiting family and the boys were able to see their great grandmother for the first time.

**Back home again. The kids were ready to stay home for a that is what we did. We hung out and had great family fun.....then the pool pump went kaput....sniff sniff.

**Andrew had a fun eighth birthday with lots of camping gear, a cool remote control jeep, guitar hero, super smash bros. (wii game), and some birthday money....always a winner! We celebrated at the local mexican restaurant where they sang and fed us free sopapillas! Oh yeah, and Andrew wore a sombrero during the serenading. Good times.

**I am revving up for our first year of homeschooling. I am very excited and I cannot wait to get started....David can wait (he says). He wants the summer to last a little longer. I am all finished picking out curriculum (a large task for me) and we are ready to roll.

**The kids have been camping out in the playroom with their tents. They are really roughing it with their air conditioned room, TV, and all the inside amenities. Anyway, they are having a great time with it and I am getting over having this VERY LARGE mess in the house. (Because that is what it is.)

**So that has been our month. I have not paid much attention to blogging. I don't have any great excuses, so I will not give one. I just didn't do it. My goal is to do better....hehe.