Friday, June 13, 2008

The Time Has Come.

It's over. Two weeks have passed and it is time to make the 12 hour journey back home. We're coming home, Daddy.

Hopefully I am able to put the "Mommy selective hearing earmuffs" on and enjoy the trip (all of my children have very strong vocal chords!!)...wish me luck.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

David's Birthday.

David had a great birthday on the 4th!

He made out like a bandit with a lot of money, tons of great books, a briefcase, and an Ipod charger. He even has another gift to open when we get home from Aunt Sara and Uncle Brian....incentive to get home, I suppose.

Chris and I purchased a mini fridge for David's room for his birthday since he is decorating it as a dorm...he is very excited about being able to grab a beverage at will. Good times.

Thanks to all for making it such a special day for "the boy"!!

Hope you have a great 12th year, David....we love you and you are a wonderful kiddo. Thanks for making every day spent with you a special one....and always unique!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh My, Target Is Just Down The Street From Me!

What shall I do? I am here, in Indiana, surrounded by civilization for an entire two weeks. Too bad the last thing my husband said to me prior to leaving is, "Don't burn up the checkbook"....RATS!

The boys have been to Toys R Us three days in a row now and I think I have seen enough of that store. I think it is time to cut off the monetary support line from the grandparents to the children. If it doesn't stop soon, I am afraid I will not be able to fit the children in the car along with the "new stuff" back to Arkansas.

As for me, I have behaved. Oh how I have become the submissive wife....go me!

I really would like to get some new exercise pants....but it isn't life threatening.....I love you very much, husband! :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Countdown To The Party.

I cannot believe that David is going to be 12 tomorrow. It just doesn't seem possible! Where does time go, and the other pressing I really getting that old??

The wrapped presents are just maddening to the boy, and it is funny to watch him just sit and salivate at what could be in the irregularly shaped boxes. He knows the exact number of boxes and if you asked him, he would probably be able to give you precise dimensions. Needless to say, he is ready for the day to come.

I am very proud of the "little man" David is becoming and I hope he has a super-duper party loaded with fun.

Cannot wait to see everyone coming in for the event!!