Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is the day that the household caters to my husband...(how is that different from any day??..hehe). He is the birthday boy today and he is turning the big _ _! AAHHHH, I married an old man.

We love you and happy birthday!

Also happening today is David's birthday party. We are throwing a pool party for him and he is very excited about that. Hopefully, it will not steal Daddy's thunder since it is on the same day!

Jam-packed, fun-filled day ahead of us...then tomorrow, off to Indiana! 12 hours in the car with just the boys and me!! WOO HOO!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Up Since 3:41 a.m.

The dog woke me up at 3:41 a.m. today and I wasn't able to go back to sleep.

Hopefully, my OCD/anxiety traits will not fail me now since there is so much to get done before my trip! It's days like these that I wish I was an avid coffee drinker. If I fall asleep in David's birthday cake then it will just have more personality. Off I go.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Park Day.

As said in the earlier post, we went and had a great several hours at the park.

The ladies in the "Mom's Group" threw a little goodbye party at the park today for a wonderful lady that is moving away. We will miss her and her kiddos greatly, but we wish them the best in their new location.

Our kids played for quite a while during our visit/farewell. We had a pitch-in type lunch and just soaked up the sun and fellowship. My children were nice and filthy when we finally left, but they had a great time.

I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful group to pal around with. These ladies are the "real deal" and would do anything to lend a helping hand if need be. What a continuous blessing for ME!

Summer Vacation.

Ahhh, the first day of summer vacation for David. He is very excited about not having school for a couple of months.

I think for his first official day out we will go to the park and swim in the pool. I will tell him the catch later.....he has to help me clean the house since we will be goofin' around all day.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Distressed Dog.

If you didn't know, we have been painting David's bedroom....doing it "dorm" style. We have completely destroyed all pink, girly existence from that end of the hall now. (Now, we just have to add some girly accents to Mommy's room....slowly but surely so Daddy can take it all in).

Anyway, during the painting process, David has been sleeping on the sleeper sofa in the family room because of the fumes. This is a very good time for David. He requested that our dog, Fargo, would be allowed to sleep with him. We agreed to that request.

The poor dog started acting out signals of distress when he saw Mommy and Daddy going to bed without him. He started walking in circles and pacing the floors. I could tell he was thinking this was not going to be good....because he really just tolerates David.

He was able to sleep with David for two nights, but now we are back to business as usual. David is in his "new and improved" room and Fargo is back with us.

Fargo started walking back and forth from our bedroom around 7:30 tonight just letting us know that he had been through enough and it was time to quit messing around. He wanted to sleep in his "normal" quarters....spoiled pooch!

Looks like he is getting his way....he is sleeping on my side of the bed right now!

And, Oh What A Doofus Am I.

Today we spent some time in the pool. I thought I would be cool like grown-ups are and float around on a raft-like device and just watch the kiddos play....usually I play too, but I just had to live on the edge!

I lubed the children with 50 SPF sunblock until their typical pale appearance was even more albinoish. I guess I just plopped the remaining block that was on my hands onto myself....apparently that was not enough to handle my old friend, the sun.

I am burnt. I am a crispy critter. This appearance of mine is obviously comical to my husband because every time he passes me or takes a glance he starts laughing. I am not that amused, though. I am hoping that this burn will be toned down by the time I have to drive to Indiana on Sunday....that could be an uncomfortable ride.

I am covered in lotions and solarcaine, I can't wait until the aroma is right under husband's nose tonight in bed...we'll see who has the last laugh then!!

Really Kwik Update.

Award ceremony on Friday for David, painting of David's bedroom, more swimming in the pool, yard work for Daddy, trip out of town, spoke to Maria on the phone (yay), sick day for mom, pressure washing the fence (daddy), burning sticks/papers in firepit thingie (david and daddy), playing outside, and that is about to work again!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things On My Plate Currently!

We have several things going on at the house right now!

  • Planning for David's birthday party...yeah, the big 12!
  • Planning for Daddy's birthday party...whew, the big _ _!
  • Planning for our trip to Indiana next weekend!
  • Award Ceremonies at school.
  • Last few days of school are half days..ugh, right in the middle of Braydon's nap (no bus comes to our house, we have to provide transportation)....RATS, poor Braydon.
  • Packing, packing, packing.
  • Making cakes for both birthday parties.
  • Making dinners for husband while I am in Indiana.
  • And, of course, all of my daily work.

These are just a few of the things I have to get done this week and next. Gonna be a busy one, or I could be just over analyzing it as I do everything else...who knows??

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pool Time.

Well, we did it. We took our first of the season plunge into our pool this afternoon. The water temperature was about 84 degrees and the outside temp was about 95 degrees. It was quite chilly at first, but then the heat of the sun made up for it. The kids had such a great time and were so excited to be splashing around. Braydon had no fear this year and he jumped right into the pool. The only downside is that he can't touch the bottom...bummer. David jumped right in and had a great time playing with Braydon. Fun times.

The pool is my only saving grace this summer, as everyone knows I do not do well with HOT weather. I know I am in for a long summer since it is only May and I already think it is too stinkin' hot outside.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

To Homeschool Or Not To Homeschool....That Is The Question!

We have been trying to decide what to do as far as education goes with David. We are not at all impressed with schooling here (that is putting it nicely). Anyway, neither my hubby nor myself are homeschooling advocates, but when we see soo many things that seem sooo absurd, it made us start to think about other options. There is a private christian school here in town, but much to our dismay, the teachers are not accredited and we have heard not such great things. Also, it only goes to sixth grade so that really is not an option anymore anyway. What do you do? You want the best for your kids, but what is the best?

I was able to go and educate myself a little further on homeschooling this weekend. There was a conference about three hours from home and they had all of the curriculum vendors present. It was such a great time, not just for the education, but I went with two girlfriends! I had an entire day (7:30 am to 6:30 pm) with no children!! I didn't know what to do quite frankly. I enjoyed our girly talks and just plain old fashioned fun! YEAH! I cannot remember the last time that happened...maybe before Braydon?? Daddy had a great boy day with the kiddos doing yard/outside work. He looked beat upon my return, though. I am sure he was glad to see me. I was very thankful that he allowed me the opportunity to go and have a day to myself (I didn't know there was such a thing, really). What a great hubby.

Husband and I are still figuring things out....but we know the Lord will lead us into the right direction.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Dilation Issue...Part Deux.

So David's eyes were normal again around 4pm yesterday....poor kid. Anyway, we picked up his glasses, they were fitted to his head, and we were outta there. Hopefully, next year there isn't such a dramatic experience. Oh wait a minute, that's right, everything with this family is a dramatic experience....silly me!

Pictures of his new "trendy" frames (as he calls them) will be on Flickr later tonight after school lets out. I forgot to do it last night....oops. He is very proud of them as he picked them out all by himself.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Dilation Dilemma.

It was time to get another pair of glasses for David. I scheduled a routine eye exam for him at the local optometrist for last Friday. At his appointment we were told that David was not relaxing his eyes enough to get a proper reading so we needed to reschedule for another day where more time could be spent deciphering his "ocular" situation. We rescheduled for yesterday.

We arrived yesterday at the clinic for our lengthened appointment with a little bit of a nervous child. David was quite afraid of the drops that were to be instilled in his eyes with his "sensory issues".

So the optician/assistant (whatever her title is) came in and gave David his initial drops to numb the eye....burned (so he stated). Then came the dilator drops...burned (so he stated). His eyes were completely dilated within seconds, but she still decided to go for another round of the droppage...burned once again. She assured David there was no way for the drops to be burning his eyes, but I would have to disagree with her since the whites of his eyes were bright red!

Anyway, the drops were in and the doc came in momentarily. David had been dilated so heavily that he wasn't able to read anything even with the help of lenses. So the doc informs me that the best he could do was get David to 20/60 vision.....Mom is not so happy with that statement, but I go along with it. We picked out some cosmic frames, obtained the free stylish tinted eye coverings used for dilated eyeballs (David loved these goofy fake sunglasses for some reason), and went on home.

David was uncomfortable with lighting most of the evening and went to bed. The next morning I went in to get David out of bed and turned on the overhead "bright" lighting. He screams. I began to get aggravated from my verbal assault but then I did some investigating and saw that David's pupils still covered the entire colored part of his eye! WHAT?? I ran and grabbed a flashlight and shined it into his eye and not one thing happened...his eyes were still non-reactive to light. Well, that is partially true, something happened, just not any eye response. I did receive a large screech from the boy. I guess there will be no school today.

I called the doctor and he said that sometimes blue-eyed kiddos can have an overly sensitive reaction and the dilation can last for a little while. Good to know, I guess.

It is now 7pm and David's eyes are still quite dilated and the blurries are still present for him. What a day....who would have thought that a routine check at the eyeball doc could lead to a sick day at school. Hopefully I will be able to see his blue eyes in the morning...I'll keep ya' posted.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My City Child.

A couple of weeks ago the boys and I were driving down a country road (really, the only kind of road around here). Anyway, there was a really neat farm that had miniature ponies and we drove rather slowly past so the boys could take it all in. Next to the farm was a field of moo-cows...and here is how the rest of the adventure goes.....

Braydon: "Look, Mommy, there are cows next to the little horsies".

Me: "Yes, aren't they cute". (saying this for child amusement purposes only, nothing at all cute to me about farm animals...bluh, ick)

David: (In a rather excited tone) "MOM! The people next door to the mini ponies have MINI COWS!!!!"

Me: (Laughing at my poor child) "Honey, those are just babies".

David: "Oh, oops."

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Can't wait to see you again. I love you.

your kiddo

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Peach Festival.

On May 3rd, we attended the annual peach festival here in town. It was a nice little affair with local vendors and Chris's favorite, a car show. We browsed around at some tractors, a pet store on wheels, and some junky junk that you just can't help but stop and check out. It was also Nashville's 100th birthday so we celebrated with free cake and orange fanta. They had just about thought of everything except for napkins and forkage....oops!

Braydon took a ride on a cow on wheels powered by a rope and a cowboy and then enjoyed himself on one of those bouncy air-filled contraptions....David just watched.

Then both of the boys decided to get some tats! FUN!

David is sporting a green laughing frog!

Braydon went with the blue Triceratops...both equally good picks....notice how David's leg is about the same diameter as Braydon's...hehe.
It was a fun festival coming up is the Dinosaur Festival...we can't wait.