Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Whole Hand!

Today is the fifth birthday of my little guy! As he says, "I am a whole hand now!"

It just amazes me how time passes so quickly and how fast kids grow and learn. We try to learn an "expensive" word every day and it just cracks me up when Braydon will use one in the correct context!

Just a little example:

Setting: Braydon, yesterday at breakfast getting ready to watch another WWII airplane documentary. He says, "Mommy, I am just so excited to have this great compilation of movies on our netflix cube" (sic)....I have been trying to explain to him that it is queue, but he really would prefer "cube" and hey, he used compilation correctly. This momma will take it!

Braydon, I would not trade any of your little stories like this for anything! I love you so very much and I am so thankful that you are in my life every day! I hope your day is full of fun surprises and lots of yummy birthday cake......Mommy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Optical Amazement!

We went to the "kana" yesterday for a couple of errands that needed to be ran. An eye appointment for David was on the itenerary along with a trip to Tarzshay, Target, the fancy way :). Also needed to buy Braydon his new boots, although we didn't quite get to that one.

In the exam room at the eye doc, Braydon was sitting on David's lap and reading the letters on the wall. Well, when the letters were getting smaller in size (keep in mind they weren't really small, they were only a couple lines down from that humongous honkin' E! So, me being the loving, wonderful momma that I am says, "Oh, you stop goofing around and read those letters, those things are huge, I know you can see those!" Anyway, I decided to get his eyes checked just to make sure all was alright.

So they did that fancy refraction machine thingamajig that tells them what's going on.....sure enough, the boy is EXTREMELY far-sighted. Vision was 2o/60 both eyes! Poor buddy! The doc said that a lot of kids are far-sighted and just grow out of it, but Braydon will be in glasses the rest of his life, there was not going to be any growing out of those bad eyes, he said! My baby! He is only four and getting spectacles....hurumph!

We picked out some frames for both of the children and they are being processed by the lab. We will have them next week possibly. During the "picking out" process, the eye drops had taken affect on Braydon and he was zonked out. The techs found a desk chair with wheels and we were wheeling him around the office, picking out frames, having him open his eyes and lift his head for moments at a time to try on the eyewear....what an adventure!

We did find out that David's eyes are medical book material. He is far-sighted in one eye and near-sighted in the other! Weird, huh? He also is classified as having a lazy eye in his left eye. This is not the type that makes the eye wander, so when you look at him you do not have to wonder where he is looking. It is a term dubbed for an eye that will not correct to 20/20. The last doctors were only able to get David to 20/50 and 20/40. This doc was able to get him to 20/30! So we are very excited that he will be able to see the best he has been able to as of yet.

The trip was definitely full of surprises for us. Next trip, I suppose, we will get the boots, oh and pick up the ol' specs!


On Monday, David was a contestant in an International Speech Contest for his Toastmaster's group. This was his first speech in front of the adults and his peers. He has given several other speeches, but always in front of his friends/ he was just a "tad" nervous. His speech could be on any topic and needed to be from five to seven minutes long. It was also required to wear formal attire (this was really exciting for him). He had it practiced and just about perfected his monologue to about six minutes and a few seconds more. When we arrived, the speaking order was selected by drawing numbers...yep, you guessed it! He drew numero uno!

I thought for his first time, it was an extremely well delivered speech. He only glanced at his index cards a couple of times, his eye contact was exceptional (this is something we work on a lot with Aspergers), and he demonstrated with gestures and it wasn't obvious to anyone that he was nervous (speaking with him later...he stated that he was shaking on the inside).

So the results.....David was disqualified. His speech lasted only four minutes and thirty-some seconds. He never did rush any of his material (his words were all perfectly delivered speed-wise), but he did leave a chunk of his material out.....oops. Oh well, I am very proud of him for getting up in front of all of the adults and his peers. That is not an easy thing to do for a thirteen year-old or a forty year-old.

A first, second, and third place trophy were awarded and David was given his participation certificate. There were other disqualifications as well. The most eloquently delivered speech was given by a kiddo that has been in Toastmasters for five years and is just a fabulous speaker. He deserved first place until he was disqualified for going over time.....oops! That would have been in David's favor, though. If his speech would have lasted just a little longer, I know he would have placed somewhere in the top three, but no worries......he did a great job and I am a very proud mom.

Next speech: March 22nd!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Love Dare Challenge.

My husband and I are doing The Love Dare book together. This is a forty day challenge that couples do to strengthen their bond by exploring and demonstrating genuine love with one another. I am sure some days this will be easier than others since neither of us is perfect!

I am very excited about starting! It was given to me by my husband for Valentine's Day....what an awesome gift! I am grateful every day that I have such a loving man!

Anybody else take "The Dare" yet? Let me know how it went/how it's going!!

Day number one......

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ahhhh....Sweet Victory, At Last I Have Found You!

Last night it finally happened! I conquered my husband in a game of ping pong. I have beaten him before, but it was only by tie breaking points. It did not feel as invigorating as this. I won by six, count them, six points. Go me! Needless to say, he was not as excited as I.

As the ol' Smith gang says, "I smoked his ham." Oh yeah!

Cost of a new pair of shoes: $50.00
Approximate cost of a kids first year in college: $10,000
The look on my husband's face when his ham had been smoked: PRICELESS :)

Final score (21-15).
And it's going to be a wonderful day.......

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This past weekend Chris and I were going to attend a Laugh Your Way marriage seminar. It was offered in Texarkana at the Church On the Rock. They were going to provide day care which is a huge perk for us. We were very stoked on the idea of going to a comedy based marriage seminar because we are both big goofballs! Anyway....plans changed due to illness within the family. Oh well, maybe next time. Maybe we will get the DVDs online and check it out anyway? I have heard that it is a great viewing experience and well worth the time and money. Check it out at It is a program for all marriages and just a fun time for couples to learn something about his/her partner and laugh a little.....sound like fun?

It Has Been A Crazy Two Weeks.

Braydon woke up last Tuesday morning complaining that he was "not well". He hit the nail on the head with that comment. My last couple weeks I have been on snotty kleenex duty and because of his sore throat, have been summoned with the call of a laser gun! Gotta love it. No sleep was in store for this mama the first five nights...collectively, I think, there was about six hours of "nite nite" during that time. What an adventure...for all of us.

In our recuperation period, there was a medicinal river flowing through our house. From the anti-pyretic waterfalls to the anti-histamine lagoon, it was a "treat the symptom" kind of time. I think that the course of a cold virus is just so ridiculous! First you try to dry up the snot with the anti-histamine/decongestant so the cough will be quieted. Then the cough develops a little more and you medicate with the suppressants so the kiddo is able to sleep through the night. Finally you use the expectorant to MAKE them cough and purge all unwanted "goo" from the chest. What a vicious cycle! BLAH!

On Sunday morning, David woke up "not well"....hurumph! He had some sort of Braydon's virus, just mutated slightly into a lesser evil. Chris and I developed a little "yuk", but nothing like the kiddos. We are all on the mend now and ready to get out of the house!

The one time it does snow and stick to the ground down here, we were not able to play in it! Oh well! We are just thankful that everyone is better and a doctor visit was not required!

Monday, February 1, 2010

It Snowed Here!

I cannot believe it! It actually snowed here and it stuck to the ground for about twelve hours. The boys were very excited. Since it was an overnight snow, they were not able to play in it all that much....just a couple of snowballs were thrown on the way back from a Junk-Mart adventure.

I, unfortunately, needed to do my bi-weekly grocery shopping on the day of the forecasted snow. It was a packed grocery store...people down here panic when they hear about any sign of snow or ice and buy out almost all necessary staples in town.....needless to say I will be making another grocery trip later this week due to lack of inventory.