Friday, November 6, 2009

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Previously Mentioned Trip To "Kana".

Driving to Texarkana we experienced several "fun" adventures....

We typically drive our car to Texarkana for fuel conservation purposes, but on this day we took the truck because my husband must have been in a meeting or unavailable in some sort of fashion when I was texting him from his work parking lot stating that I was there to trade vehicles. So, down the road we went in the gas guzzling machine.

I spoke with my husband right before entering Texarkana's city limits and the conversation went pretty much like this:

Me: "Honey, the truck isn't running quite up to normal standards and I smell a burning-type odor."

Husband: "Your fine, the truck is fine, just drive it, it will be fine." I know this doesn't sound like a very concerned or loving response, but anyone who knows my husband is aware that he has a "tad bit" of sarcasm in his daily life and meant for comedy only. This was not said in a mean way, he just likes me to think that I am a little crazy....sometimes he is able to convince me!

Me: Laughing, and tired of hearing the word, "fine", "Whatever you say, dear. I obviously am wrong and crazy." Did I mention I am a little sarcastic as well?

So, off I went with two children into the big city. On the way in we did encounter a typhoon like wind/rainfall. That is always exciting.
We pulled into PetSmart and I went in and did the whole cat food purchasing thing, came back to the truck and.....started it. But when the truck started, the entire body of the vehicle began to shimmy and shake....thought to myself that this seemed quite odd, strange and NOT FINE! Anyway, I put the truck in reverse and proceeded to back out of the parking spot. About two feet into the reverse, the truck DIED! Tried to restart, no such luck.
In my moment of despair, I thought, well I have to get this huge thing out of the middle of the parking lot. I know! I will have my eighty-five pound thirteen year old push this eight thousand pound truck back into the parking spot! Great idea, right....yeah right. The truck just rolled farther back during the attempt to push it forward. It didn't sound like the most clever decision I have ever made, but I actually did have reasoning. I wasn't about to get out and try to push the truck while David would be in control of the brakes and the steering wheel....especially since the truck was dead and there was not any power steering or braking. Also, parked right in front of us...a brand new BMW. Nope, I had to take my chances and let the boy try and push...haha. Just as David was giving all he had, which wasn't much, a truck of college aged boys came to my rescue and pushed us back in our spot...thank you, Lord!

Next came the call to the husband....

Me: "The truck is not fine!" then I told him what had happened.

Husband: "Hmm, come on, what do you mean it died/won't start?"

Me: ?????

Husband: "Ok, where are you? I'll be there in an hour, get the information for our warranty ready for me when I arrive." keep in mind that we live an hour away and that my hubby isn't just taking his time.

Me: "Okay, I am going to take the kids to get some lunch...see you soon."

The children and I walked over to Chick-A-Fil (a Smith term) and had some lunch and waited for Daddy. When he arrived he checked under the hood, determined that it was the fuel pump (we found out later that his diagnosis was correct....errr), and called the local Ford dealership to come and get it. Of course, the vehicle is so large a normal tow truck could not suffice, we had to have the flat bed come out and take it away. This did wonders for my husband's ego! Him and his big truck.
In conclusion, husband rescued us and took us home, truck was fixed, and all is FINE! Next story: How I caught my kitchen on fire last night. Does the fun ever end?