Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Husband Went To Jail Today???!??!

Chris is heading up some foreign trade zone thing at his place of employment. With this responsibility comes a few weird quirks. He had to give all personal information starting from birth and today we found out he was to be fingerprinted. Crazy!

So he goes to the local police station/municipal court/jail/sheriff's office/library/city hall today....whew that is quite a facility. Backing up a moment, I have to describe this geographic location. The prisoners walk in and out of the building at most times of the day. When I take the kids to the library, we always see them outside smoking or washing the police cars. This is an odd sight to take in as a city girl. I mean there is not any guards or anything. This gives an entire new meaning for the term "trustees" in jail, right? Ok, back to the fingerprinting. Chris is in the police station section of the afore mentioned long named place. This means he is at the desk labeled, Police Station. The lady at the desk asked him and his co-workers to have a seat and she would be with them in a moment. (Chris said she was working on something upon their arrival.)

After waiting for 45 minutes she asked if she could be assistance (Folks, nothing fast happens in this city, we have lived and learned). When they stated the reason for their visit, she quickly apologized and said, "Oh, I am sorry, you will have to come back tomorrow. Today is Thursday, our court day, we are admitting all of the prisoners today." Keep in mind that my husband called earlier that day and he was told to come by anytime. They are just used to people moving so slowly down here, I don't think they actually thought he would be coming on that same day...I mean that is some kind of crazy lightning speed...whew, crazy hoosiers!

Knowing my husband, he would have to have a response to that, right? Well he said, "What would be a good time to come?" She replied, "Anytime would be a fine time, except for Thursdays, or anytime between 11 am and 1 pm, or after 4." My husband said his thanks and the crew were on their way back to work.

Anyway, they have decided to give it another try tomorrow. It will be before 11, after 1, and before 4......

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