Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10,000 Pictures.

David has been saving up for a laptop computer. This is quite a task for him since money always has a way of burning holes in his pockets. Well, I knew it couldn't last forever.....

We took a trip to Texarkana on Monday to do some Mom-like errand stuff. David had been talking about possibly getting a digital camera for several days. He does really enjoy taking pictures so I thought this may not be the worst thing to spend his money on, so I allowed the pre-purchase browsing to commence. He bundled up a good chunk of his money, stuffed it in his wallet, and was ready to roll.

I decided that we would check out Target's cameras just to get an idea of what was out there in the "beginner camera-man" category. They didn't really have that great of a selection, though, so we went to our family favorite for electronics, Best Buy.

We checked out all of the merchandise and then a salesman came up to David and asked him what he would like in a camera. I enjoyed listening to them communicate about his likes, dislikes, and the limited budget. I cannot believe he is getting so BIG! Anyway, he had a very intellectual and grown up conversation ( I was in the background listening, but still trying to give David his space). A few moments later, David had picked a camera and we were in the checkout lane. I don't know about other mommies, but it is always so hard for me to see my kids spend their own money on things, especially a large amount of money. Oh well, I will get over it...cha ching...the money was gone.

In normal David fashion, on the way home he had read the entire manual for the camera. He was telling me all of the features that it had and what he really liked about it. I kept waiting for the buyer's remorse, but it hasn't come yet.

When we arrived home it began....pictures galore. It was an unexplicable display of flashing and clicking. He took pictures of dirty dishes, the inside of the butter tub, one million pics of the dog, and anything else laying around.

We went to Wal-Mart today and he purchased a camera case and some lithium batteries. I am so happy he is having a great time with it. I am going to look around for some possible photography classes that he may be able to participate in.

He didn't quite make the laptop, but I think that he will equally enjoy this purchase.

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