Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We have a 3 year old!

HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, BRAYDON!! He wanted a Diego cake this here it is.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Texarkana Teeth

So...Braydon fell a couple weeks ago and hit his front tooth on the 'ol chaos causing coffee table. It bled. He cried and screamed. After using the "cold pillow" (Braydonism for ice pack) on his mouth, it appeared fine. A few days later swelling went away and then....the dusky colored tooth. I then knew the nerve was no more. My heart was broken. No mommy wants to see their little one lose a tooth before it's time. It was time for a trip to the dentist.
I called around. Trying to find pediatric dentists in a small town is just great fun, can you see my fake grin?? Anyway, I was referred to somebody through a local dentist that wasn't taking anymore children as patients, so that dentist gave me another name. His name is Dr. Wharton-Palmer. He is located in I called him and made an appointment.
We began our trek to "the Kana" (Texarkana) this morning with Peter Pan in the DVD player, the pacifier, and two teddies. Life was good. Arrived ahead of schedule, filled out necessary paperwork while Braydon played (they had a slide inside!), and they called us back. We went into this little booth and they proceeded to ask some medical history, which I had just previously filled out in the initial paperwork, but anyway, they asked him to pick out a toy and he was gone. He was such a big little man holding his teddy bear and walking into the exam room. I (not as brave as him) went back to my perch, back in the holding tank. About 10 minutes later, a breath of fresh air said, "Mrs. Smith". I jumped up and followed her back to Braydon. He was smiling from ear to ear with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and a toy race car in his clutches.
The doc came in next with great news! No cavities....and the tooth is fine, it will just be a little darker than the rest and will eventually fall out on it's own. Whew. The dentist was Australian, I believe, extremely friendly, and Braydon hung on every word that he spoke. I was immensely impressed with him and his office staff. See ya in 6 months, doc.
Afterwards, we decided to go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch as a treat for being such a brave little guy. We played in the kid's room a while and decided it was time to.....go home, NAH...let's go shopping!!
Ok, the shopping craving was satisfied and it was time to head back. We put Over the Hedge in the DVD player and returned to the "ville".

Once home I remembered I needed to reschedule a hair appointment for Chris. His lady had to cancel on him Friday due to panic attacks. Hopefully, she doesn't have any with the scissors in hand! Wish him luck, he goes tonight. Hehe.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Cupcake-Eaters Unite

Today was play group at the church for us. This is a group of stay-at-home moms that meet up once a week to let their kiddos play. Braydon always looks forward to playing with his friends.....Mommy too!

Since Braydon's birthday is next Wednesday, I brought in cupcakes for everyone to share. It was a great time. There was icing flying, over-sugarized children, dirty mouths, and a lot of napkin usage. You just live for that stuff, don't ya??

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

David's Short's scary!

In Nashville, there used to be a large and beautiful house which was supposed to be badly haunted. Locals told how horrid noises were heard at the dead of night. The clanking of chains which grew louder and louder until there suddenly appeared the hideous phantom of an old man. He was a picture of filth and misery, his beard was long and matted. His white hair was wild and uncombed. His thin legs were loaded with the weight of chains that he dragged wearily along with links while all the time he raised his arms and shook his shackles in a kind of helpless fury. The ones brave enough to stay a whole night in the house were almost petrified out of their senses. At first sight of the phantom it was even worse....death and disease followed those who had stayed a night in that house. The old house was totally abandoned with just a lonely For Sale sign, but nobody ever even inquired about it and it fell to ruin and decay. One day there was a couple that was helpless, no where to go, could not find lodging in Nashville. They rented this place even though they knew the story of the ghost phantom. On their first night there they started decorating and they heard the rattling chain and saw the gruesome old man. The ghost beckoned them with a tired finger. They followed him to the garden and per his request dug a spot and found a skeleton, his skeleton bound in chains. They gave him the proper burial he had been asking for for many years.

Some say, though, you can still hear the rattling of the chains......

The End by David Smith

We were so proud of David...he wrote this in school today for a 30 minute assignment...not too shabby for an 11 year old!

The Puppeteers!

This is the group that performed for us on Valentine's Day. It was quite a captivating event. There were blacklights, comedy, and of course since it was Nashville, it made the paper. Thanks for the show, David.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Braydon Warholized

My creation
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The many sides of Braydon

Sweat on the browbie!

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Chris and David ate a piece of Warhead candy on Sunday. It was a sour, rough, face snarling event. Pictures of the entire happening on flickr.

I am head of the Pupununu People

This is Fargo settled in for a nice nap over the weekend. It must be tough to live this sort of stressful life!
I am head of the Pupununu People
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Weedeaters, Chickens, and Us

So, we have never had a blog before. Chris thinks it is a good idea for us to archive our daily goings here we go.

Nothing much to say about Nashville other than the title of this post. I did, however; leave out the fact that the town does have an "odor" from the chickens every so often (more often than not).

As all of our family and friends know, Chris has taken a job here at Husqvarna and we have been introduced to the country life. A lot of adjustment has taken place for all of us, especially the kids when I drag them to our only chain store in town DAILY, Walmart. I never really was a great lover of Walmart, but now holds the title of "the mall". I have probably been in every aisle, seen every item, and looked at every piece of produce in the store....thrice!
I think Fargo, our chihuahua, is probably the most adjusted thus far. He doesn't seem to mind the change, always new territory to sniff out!

Well, that was it, our first post. More to follow if I can figure all this out!