Friday, September 19, 2008

One Week From Today....

I am so very stuffed with anticipation for the upcoming Smith vacation! I am just thinking that one week from today at this very moment we will be on our way...WooHoo!

Uh Oh...this would also mean that I have a lot of things to do until that time comes! There are lists to be made and obsessive compulsions to attend to. It is all worth the work, though, we are going to have a great time.

I am trying to think of some fun things to do in the car with the kiddos. Personally, I am not able to do much in fear of an emesis attack, but maybe I will be able to get some activities together for the non-motion sickness type (lucky kids). I am sure we can come up with something....any ideas??

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Birthday...30th, Just Another Day.

Tuesday was the day, the day that I had unknowingly regretted for several years previous. I was 30 and there was no stopping it.

So, at the ripe age of thirty, life is pretty good. I cannot complain, well I could talk about how after childbirth I have stretch marks that I could name and put on a map they are so large, but why waste the time. I have better things to do...such as scrubbing toilets and cutting the crusts off of sandwiches because as all moms know, there is an obvious disease that you can catch from that part of the bread. Wonder really should put a warning on their bags, but anyway, there has to be worse things in life than just turning the big 3-0. Let me know if you can think of any.

I have decided to list a few things that I will never be able to do again...just as therapy (I know what you are thinking, but it's not negative, just the truth).
  • Wear a string bikini. (Let's face it, I couldn't do that at 29...or anytime since David was born)
  • Say that I am in my twenties.
  • Get another birthday card without buzzards and/or a RIP sign on it.
  • Remember anything.

I guess there are a few things to look forward to:

  • Getting closer to having an AARP card.
  • Senior Citizen discount.
  • A knee replacement.
  • Hair turning gray and or white.
  • Silver Sneakers program at the gym!

All and all I think it was just another day in Smithville. I don't really feel much older, so I guess it is going to be an uneventful thing...that is until I reach 40....then I may need to be hospitalized for trauma. Remember I live with all testosterone filled boys, I could already be legally crazy!

Happy birthday to me!

What I Woke Up To On My Birthday.

My husband is always up to something! That is what I love about him.

I will blog more on my 30th birthday a little later, but the pics are already on flickr.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blame It On The Rain.

Last week when we arrived home from Texarkana, we discovered something very wrong! There was a disturbing plop, plop, plop coming from the play room. David came in from said room and yelled, "Mom, the ceiling is leaking"!!! Oh crud! That cannot be good. I am not a professional contractor or anything, but I do believe that water coming into the house without an invitation is a very bad thing. I called husband and he came home immediately to repair our issue. He climbed up into our attic and there were several different water intrusion sites! He put buckets up to catch the water droppings and we were off to "kana" again that day to get some supplies.

When we arrived home, the rain had ceased and we were in good shape. The contractors came to look at the damage, and we are getting a new roof, compliments of Shelter Insurance Agency.

We have seen enough rain for this year. My hair is as curly as it has ever I haven't gone crazy and had a perm. It is all thanks to my friend, Gustav.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Survival Is The Key!

First day of school picture.

Well, we did it! We have successfully completed our first week of homeschooling. David was pretty much a trooper through our first couple days...when I wasn't really sure how to do this. I think now we have developed a schedule that is working for us....which is good, because I love schedules!! (and lists...irrelevant point, I know) We try to get the bulk of our work done in the morning and the rest we do during Braydon's nap. It is much easier to do the more tedious curriculum with the three year old at rest.

Braydon is also doing well with his schoolwork. We have pretty much conquered the shapes and colors and are moving onto letters and numbers....he really does not have that much enthusiasm when it comes to this part....WAH! I am able to get him to do a few things, but his mind is very active and with that comes 3-4 minute sittings....then he is to the playroom. Oh well, it will come in time. He does love to sit at the computer and play toddler games and is rather "handy" with a mouse. A friend of mine let us use a computer game of hers and he absolutely loved it. Yes, big shocker, I wrote it down on a LIST to buy next time I go to the "Kana".

So, after the first week I still have all of my hair, was able to sleep at night, and I kept up with all of my other chores. It makes a very full day, but my kids are worth it.