Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Peach Festival.

On May 3rd, we attended the annual peach festival here in town. It was a nice little affair with local vendors and Chris's favorite, a car show. We browsed around at some tractors, a pet store on wheels, and some junky junk that you just can't help but stop and check out. It was also Nashville's 100th birthday so we celebrated with free cake and orange fanta. They had just about thought of everything except for napkins and forkage....oops!

Braydon took a ride on a cow on wheels powered by a rope and a cowboy and then enjoyed himself on one of those bouncy air-filled contraptions....David just watched.

Then both of the boys decided to get some tats! FUN!

David is sporting a green laughing frog!

Braydon went with the blue Triceratops...both equally good picks....notice how David's leg is about the same diameter as Braydon's...hehe.
It was a fun festival coming up is the Dinosaur Festival...we can't wait.


snicketyone said...

Sounds like good times! Did you get any peaches? The last good peach I had was a couple years ago in Missouri. I bet they're good in Arkansas, too...

MommydeSmith said...

I am not quite sure why they call it the peach peaches there. I am told they are not ready in Arkansas until July???Kinda crazy, huh?
I understand what you mean about peaches. I have not had a really good peach in years.