Monday, May 26, 2008

And, Oh What A Doofus Am I.

Today we spent some time in the pool. I thought I would be cool like grown-ups are and float around on a raft-like device and just watch the kiddos play....usually I play too, but I just had to live on the edge!

I lubed the children with 50 SPF sunblock until their typical pale appearance was even more albinoish. I guess I just plopped the remaining block that was on my hands onto myself....apparently that was not enough to handle my old friend, the sun.

I am burnt. I am a crispy critter. This appearance of mine is obviously comical to my husband because every time he passes me or takes a glance he starts laughing. I am not that amused, though. I am hoping that this burn will be toned down by the time I have to drive to Indiana on Sunday....that could be an uncomfortable ride.

I am covered in lotions and solarcaine, I can't wait until the aroma is right under husband's nose tonight in bed...we'll see who has the last laugh then!!

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