Monday, May 12, 2008

My City Child.

A couple of weeks ago the boys and I were driving down a country road (really, the only kind of road around here). Anyway, there was a really neat farm that had miniature ponies and we drove rather slowly past so the boys could take it all in. Next to the farm was a field of moo-cows...and here is how the rest of the adventure goes.....

Braydon: "Look, Mommy, there are cows next to the little horsies".

Me: "Yes, aren't they cute". (saying this for child amusement purposes only, nothing at all cute to me about farm animals...bluh, ick)

David: (In a rather excited tone) "MOM! The people next door to the mini ponies have MINI COWS!!!!"

Me: (Laughing at my poor child) "Honey, those are just babies".

David: "Oh, oops."

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