Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Dilation Dilemma.

It was time to get another pair of glasses for David. I scheduled a routine eye exam for him at the local optometrist for last Friday. At his appointment we were told that David was not relaxing his eyes enough to get a proper reading so we needed to reschedule for another day where more time could be spent deciphering his "ocular" situation. We rescheduled for yesterday.

We arrived yesterday at the clinic for our lengthened appointment with a little bit of a nervous child. David was quite afraid of the drops that were to be instilled in his eyes with his "sensory issues".

So the optician/assistant (whatever her title is) came in and gave David his initial drops to numb the eye....burned (so he stated). Then came the dilator drops...burned (so he stated). His eyes were completely dilated within seconds, but she still decided to go for another round of the droppage...burned once again. She assured David there was no way for the drops to be burning his eyes, but I would have to disagree with her since the whites of his eyes were bright red!

Anyway, the drops were in and the doc came in momentarily. David had been dilated so heavily that he wasn't able to read anything even with the help of lenses. So the doc informs me that the best he could do was get David to 20/60 vision.....Mom is not so happy with that statement, but I go along with it. We picked out some cosmic frames, obtained the free stylish tinted eye coverings used for dilated eyeballs (David loved these goofy fake sunglasses for some reason), and went on home.

David was uncomfortable with lighting most of the evening and went to bed. The next morning I went in to get David out of bed and turned on the overhead "bright" lighting. He screams. I began to get aggravated from my verbal assault but then I did some investigating and saw that David's pupils still covered the entire colored part of his eye! WHAT?? I ran and grabbed a flashlight and shined it into his eye and not one thing happened...his eyes were still non-reactive to light. Well, that is partially true, something happened, just not any eye response. I did receive a large screech from the boy. I guess there will be no school today.

I called the doctor and he said that sometimes blue-eyed kiddos can have an overly sensitive reaction and the dilation can last for a little while. Good to know, I guess.

It is now 7pm and David's eyes are still quite dilated and the blurries are still present for him. What a day....who would have thought that a routine check at the eyeball doc could lead to a sick day at school. Hopefully I will be able to see his blue eyes in the morning...I'll keep ya' posted.

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