Monday, May 26, 2008

Distressed Dog.

If you didn't know, we have been painting David's bedroom....doing it "dorm" style. We have completely destroyed all pink, girly existence from that end of the hall now. (Now, we just have to add some girly accents to Mommy's room....slowly but surely so Daddy can take it all in).

Anyway, during the painting process, David has been sleeping on the sleeper sofa in the family room because of the fumes. This is a very good time for David. He requested that our dog, Fargo, would be allowed to sleep with him. We agreed to that request.

The poor dog started acting out signals of distress when he saw Mommy and Daddy going to bed without him. He started walking in circles and pacing the floors. I could tell he was thinking this was not going to be good....because he really just tolerates David.

He was able to sleep with David for two nights, but now we are back to business as usual. David is in his "new and improved" room and Fargo is back with us.

Fargo started walking back and forth from our bedroom around 7:30 tonight just letting us know that he had been through enough and it was time to quit messing around. He wanted to sleep in his "normal" quarters....spoiled pooch!

Looks like he is getting his way....he is sleeping on my side of the bed right now!

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