Monday, March 17, 2008

I Will Take....umm, 1 Day at the Park and Hold the Sunburn, Please.

Okay, I was a very irresponsible parent last Friday. Typically, I am the world's largest advocate for applying sunblock, but I didn't really think about it since it isn't even spring yet....DUH! I do live in Southwest Arkansas now!! So anyway, after we were home for a little bit and I had scrubbed the skin off of my child, (see previous post for that story) I noticed that Braydon had sort of like a raccoon shaped mask from the ol' sun. I felt like such a goofball....which I do come from a long line of, but that is beside the point. My baby had a sunburn and it was all my fault.

It was time for Chris to come home and I knew he was not going to be very pleased with my handy work. I applied some lotion to his little reddened face and Braydon was doing alright. At least he didn't act like it was painful. So, in walks my hubbie and he notices our little scorched stinker. He gave Braydon big hugs and gave me, "the look". He then reminded me that we had bought an aloe plant. Alright! I had totally forgotten about it, which also meant I forgot to water it and put it in the sun occasionally. Well thank goodness that our aloe plant was an extremely low maintenance one, because it was still standing and green!

I grabbed a piece and squeezed, out came the aloe. I put it all over Braydon's ow-ies. He looked at me like I was crazy during the application, but he allowed it.

A couple hours later it was getting close to bedtime so we did our nightly routine. I put on Braydon's pajamas and he said to me, "Mommy, are you going to put more salad on my face"?

After nearly wetting my pants, I put the kids to bed and we waited to have salad until breakfast the next day.

FYI....Braydon's mask has left the building....thanks to our old friend, salad.

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