Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Taking Down the Wall....paper.

When we purchased our home, we knew that we would have to change the color of all the boys' rooms. David's room is a lovely shade of pink and the other bedroom is a mixture of pink, peach, and some other girly hues.

I suppose we made the boys put up with these colors long enough so we started taking down wallpaper border in the multi-colored room. Of course, it couldn't just be normal border. The previous owners had it done very fancy-like for their daughter. On top of the border there was stenciled plaster in the shape of leaves. Let me just say, it was a great time to grab the ol' spackle knife and scrape and scrape some more. Finally, the job was done, and I only had a few battle scars (better than usual).

Now...we move on to the paint....WAH!! I have to say that I am still burnt out from painting the entire house in Indiana right before we sold it.

Chris offered to hire painters, but I thought I needed to take the project on myself. I should have just kept my mouth shut....must have been hormonal that day. I can always count on my eager estrogen to kick in.

Hopefully, it will not take me as long to paint as it did to remove the border....we will see.

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