Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We've Been Hit!!!

Last night I was on the computer and all of a sudden my browser had changed and I had a mysterious new toolbar in place?? I kept trying to close out this screen, but no luck! It was Little did I know that this is a virus and it was overtaking our computer. AAAHHH! I researched this bug and found out that spyhunter, a spyware program, could beat this thing. We downloaded it, paid the required thirty bucks, and we were on our way. This spyware program found over 100 parasites on our computer. HOLY COW! I am still really nervous because I do not know if any of our personal information was leaked in the "repairing mode".

The thing that really upsets us is that Norton Antivirus kept stating that everything was fine. We did a full system scan and it came back perfect...yeah right! We pay a lot of money to update Norton every year, but we may check into another software program.

We were also amazed at how authentic these "fake" webpages were. They had seals of authenticity, spyware links, and a lot of garb that definitely could fool ya'! (Well, maybe not a real computer guru, but I am nothing close to that.)

I hope we are fixed...if we are not, this could be the last post on this blog for a while! Hehe.

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