Monday, March 3, 2008

Bu-Bye, my friend.

Well, the day finally came that Braydon had to give up his passy. It was not as bad as we had thought, but I think Braydon disagreed. The daytime hours were not that bad...we went to Hot Springs to visit the science museum so he did not really think about it. Then came bedtime and this is how it went down.....

Time for bed Braydon....

Braydon: "Where's my pas?"

You do not get it anymore, remember? You are a big boy now.

Braydon: "I not a big boy, I'm your baby!" (he had furrowed brows and some would say it was in a mild yelling tone) "Ok, Fine!"

So off to bed he went with, of course, his teddies. He moaned a little fake cry on the monitor (Yes, I still do the monitor thing. I know he is three now, but it's a sickness) and whined for a few minutes. The next thing ya know.....Braydon is in our bedroom...

Braydon: "Mommy, I have to potty."

No, you don't buddy, you just went ten minutes ago.

Braydon: "Yes, Mommy, I have to go."

So, to the potty we went and he squeezed out what I think was maybe two drops and then we proceeded back to his bed. He again asked for his passy.

Five minutes later...

Braydon: "Mommy, I have a fingernail (Braydonism for hangnail), help me."

Ok, come here and let me fix it.
So I fixed the present problem and he was satisfied and went back to his bed. He again asked for his passy.

Five minutes later....

Braydon opens up our bedroom door and says, "Mommy, I tooted" with a grin from ear to ear. We told him to get back in bed, after quietly laughing , and he again asked for his passy.

This went on for a couple of hours until he finally just gave up and fell asleep.

The next morning he did ask for it one time, but when he found out I was not giving in he was just fine. No damage done. Today is his fifth day without it and I will have to admit that I miss seeing it in his face. He still looked like such a little baby when he was plugged. It's hard to see them grow so quickly. What do you do??? Just one more step he has taken on his way to grown up-ville.

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