Monday, May 17, 2010


Just a catch up on some Smith happenings as of late:
  • Went to home school convention this past weekend and we are still stuck deciding on Abeka Academy Online or Bob Jones University, both very strong programs! Giving that one to the Lord!
  • Vehicles broke down, bought a new one....51 mpg! Woohoo!
  • Trying to get accepted into an Aspergers neurology program in Dallas.
  • I haven't beaten my husband anymore in his of yet.
  • Finishing touches for end of school stuff.
  • T-ball.
  • Newly gluten free child...with improvements!
  • Anxiously waiting for upcoming vacation in October.
  • Travelling to Indiana to see family in a few weeks.
  • Husband's b-day is very soon!
  • Pool is ready, waiting for opportunity to jump in!
  • Braydon is reading better and better each day.
  • David is finishing up Algebra, Science, History and Spelling in the next couple weeks. He is finished with Health, Spanish, Grammar, Poetry and Literature for the year. He has read 40 books (just for school). That doesn't count the books he reads on his own...who knows what that count may be???? Since there is not very much curriculum left for the year, the school days get shorter and is soooo nice! I am so proud of his academic advancements this year!
  • David is currently memorizing the Gettysburg Address.
  • Braydon is currently memorizing the 4-H pledge.
  • Attended the Spring Sing for David's Teen Formal a couple of weeks fun!
  • Busy, Busy, Busy.
  • Visited Pediatric GI for David, and all things looked fine...meds for six more months and then we are going to back off meds to see if condition was caused from the irritation in belly by the peptic ulcers. Praying this is so, chronic reflux is not the most fun for kiddos!
  • It's hot here!

It has been a crazy few weeks! We have made it through with the help of prayer and faith. Thanks to all that was praying for us!

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