Monday, April 26, 2010

"Momma's Gonna Knock You Out". Ha!

I woke myself up the other night beating up my man! What in the world?? I asked him the next day if he knew that I was hitting him and he had no idea. He is a very deep sleeper. Thank goodness for that.

So, early this morning...about 4:30ish... I struck again....this time the husband was not in such a deep sleep and he was awakened with my slapping. He told me about it later in the morning since this time it did not wake me up. My poor husband, not only does he have to deal with the everyday goings on of my gooberness, but now he has to go to bed with his dukes up!

The five year old told him he could borrow his Armor of God suit.....he just may need it.

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