Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today's Lunch Prayer.

Soooo cute....Braydon's little prayer today at lunch was so simple and pure. I just had to share it!

"Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day and bless this food to our body. Thank you for all you have given me even though I am sassy sometimes. Help us to have a safe day and please help Mommy have a good day so that I can play my new game tonight and thanks for letting Pepa return my phone call so Jesus Name, Amen."

Afterwards I told him how much I really enjoyed listening to him pray like a big boy and he says to me, "Oh yea, well wait 'til're gonna go crazy for that one!"

Always the comedian!

Please pray with your children is the best weapon you can arm them with! Parental protection CANNOT do it all!

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