Monday, May 24, 2010

Reading Advancements!

It is so exciting to see your little one start to read! Braydon is getting much better daily and he is starting to try and read things other than just school stuff!

When we were out yesterday, he read, "meat", "fresh", and "truck"....all without prompting from us! We haven't even studied words like that yet!! Way to go, buddy! In the store, he did try to take on "rotisserie", bless his heart, but was not quite as successful. It was a great try though! It took a lot of courage to try a big word like that, so we told him that he should keep trying those big words and he assured us that he would!

I was really nervous about teaching Braydon to read, but it really hasn't been that bad. I think it was just knowing that it is such an important part of school and I am solely responsible for him learning it....kinda scared me! I didn't have to teach David to read.....he was hyperlexic, so I had no previous experience! We are making it though! Woo Hoo.

Good job, Braydon....keep it up!

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