Monday, May 24, 2010

School Year Coming To An End!!

It's here! The end of the school year.....YES! I don't know who is happier, the kids or me!

We had a great time last week at a nearby amusement park for an end of the year bash. The eldest of the children has become quite the dare-devil with the LARGE roller coasters! I hung around most of the day in the kiddie section with the five year old, we had a lot of fun together as well. (I will have to admit that I wanted to ride some big ones too!...but that's ok) He wanted to ride the only roller coaster he was big enough for, but when we finally made it there, they had closed it for some reason! He was a little bummed, but we had some dippin dots and it made it all better...ha! He wanted to ride the enormous coasters as well, but the height restrictions stopped him....he has NO fear at five....what am I in for???

I think we should be done with school by next Friday, the fourth (David's birthday...big 14).

On the menu for tonight: Teen Court, Talent Show/Awards Ceremony, and a Pitch In.
Tomorrow: Braydon's last T-ball game of the season and NO DRIVING far away!! YAY!

Come on summer.....

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