Thursday, August 6, 2009


The other night Chris and I were playing a card game. (UNO....we are wild aren't we??) We had finished and were getting ready to head back to the bed when I decided just to shove the box of UNO cards underneath the table with my foot....that didn't work out so well for me. The cards came out of the box and they fanned out in all directions, including underneath the couch....CRUD! I know with my ridiculous OCD issues that I would never be able to leave them de-containerized until that next morning. So I started gathering and collecting. I was trying so hard to get all of them that had meandered under the couch. Not a pretty picture...derriere up in the air grasping for silly UNO cards. (This entire time Chris is just laughing at me....rightfully so..I am a little crazy.) Well, I couldn't reach all of the cards so I had to move the entire couch out, which is not the easiest of tasks since our couch is a sleeper sofa. Anyway, I moved the couch and retrieved all of the blasted cards and started to push the couch back towards the wall. It seemed as though I was experiencing some wouldn't go all the way back in. I figured one of the couch legs was stuck on our I pushed even harder....still no movement. I decided to investigate and the goofy chihuahua had climbed behind the couch and was getting smashed up against the wall....oops, sorry Fargo! I pulled the couch back out and the dog started walking the wrong way...towards the narrow, not pulled out from the wall end. When his pea-sized brain figured out that he couldn't fit through that way, he put it in reverse, got out, and went and hid in our bedroom! We are assuming no damage was the couch, the wall, or poor Fargo.

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