Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Almost That Time Of Year Again!

It's getting down to the last few weeks of summer and the boys are not too happy about that! Oh well...summers just don't last as long (it seems). They like school, but they would rather just do their little bit of "summer school" and then get on with their day. Anyway, I have ordered almost all of my curriculum and should be getting it soon.

Braydon is doing preschool/kindergarten this year. We are using Sonlight and Handwriting Without Tears for him. I haven't purchased a math curriculum for him yet...I am still looking into them..thinking maybe Saxon, Singapore, or Horizons. (More research for me!)

David is going to do Sonlight for Bible, Literature/Reading, and History. We are using Christian Liberty Press Grammar and Spelling along with Apologia Science. He will still be doing Spanish and Health (Abeka), and of course, Math (Saxon). He will also be learning his way around the kitchen more and will be building an entire engine with his Dad.

I am excited to see how this year goes...last year was a sucess...so we will see!

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