Saturday, January 8, 2011


There has been a winter weather advisory for our area starting tomorrow morning!  It is possible that we may accumulate 4, count them, 4 inches of snow!! What shall we do??  It is a blizzard in the making!! AHHH!

Ok, so you have sensed my sarcasm!  I hope we do get the weather, but grocery shopping is usually a chaotic event when this sort of weather is coming. Of course, it would be time for me to go! Wal-Mart will be out of water, milk, bread, and the canned goods aisle will be close to bare, but I will push and shove with the best of them.

 The city will no doubtedly shut down and turn into a ghost town....except for us hoosiers, we will be out checking things out...and maybe getting out our sleds (coated with cobwebs, I'm sure, located in the attic)for some playtime!  I wonder if kiddos down here have ever seen sleds ? 

This should be exciting.....


michelle edwards joy said...

It is fun to watch everyone get excited isn't it? I came across our sleds going through the shed and wondered why we brought them with us. Perhaps we will get to use them after all.

MommydeSmith said...

I know! It's so exciting!