Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let It Snow!

It happened! We actually had snow...and a good amount of it.  At our house, I think there was around 6-7 inches of accumulation.  It was wonderful!  We went outside and Braydon was able to play in the snow for the first time ever!  He probably shouldn't have went out because he really wasn't completely rehabilitated from the flu yet, but this opportunity doesn't come along very often, so I used my "fun" judgement indicator rather than my "mommy" indicator....and we PLAYED!! Chris pulled down our sleds from the attic and the kids had a blast...good times.

But, as I predicted...the town did shut down, and Chris didn't have work on we let the kids skip out that day too!  The locals got out an extra day (not sure why, roads were totally clear), but our kiddos were hitting the books again on Tuesday. Anyway, we needed to get new tires on the truck, so we drove to Kana and delved out the cash (SO NOT fun) for big ol' tires for the beast of a truck that we have! It was so pretty driving through the country seeing all of the snow covered farms/trees....I miss that! We had a great family day....and we were able to share it with our good friend, Steven!

Who knows how long we will be in this town.....maybe forever, but thank you, Lord, for letting the kiddos experience the least this once!

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