Friday, January 7, 2011

The "Ick".

Poor Braydon has been struck again with the "ick"!  He has had quite unfortunate luck with sickness the past few months....but we are praying the plague will soon be over! :)

David is trying to stay clear of him because he is going to Alabama with our church next weekend to the Youth Ramp...he is very excited about going, so we are praying that the germs do not spread his way!

Braydon will be missing his JBQ (junior bible quiz) meet tonight and is quite upset about that, but like we are telling him, there is always another meet!  He has been practicing so hard on his questions/answers....he is even able to do the interruptions for the ten point questions! We just keep telling him how proud we are and it seems to be helping him cope with missing the meet and his friends tonight.  Well, that, and we told him we could watch a movie of his choice tonight!  A little bribery never hurts...:), haha.

Oh and our fish, a midas cichlid, really does have what is termed, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, or in short, "Ick".  This is a parasite that attacks a fish and is better known as white spot disease!  He is getting better, though, as my wonderful hubby is nursing him back to good health.  He is on our prayer list as well, per Braydon's request!

The turtle, dog, cat, and parental figures are still well and trying to get the rest of the household back to "norm"....or at least what we call normal !

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