Saturday, September 18, 2010

Extra Curricular Activities This Year....Thus Far!

  • Shooting Sports (4-H club) David is currently the Secretary for the group....In December, he is going to try and go for President/Vice President or Photographer...he is not a big fan of recording the minutes in the meetings!
  • Teen Court (acting as prosecuting attorney)
  • Toastmasters (youth leadership/public speaking group)
  • W.W.Y.D. Founder (This is something David has come up with for his fellow classmates at BJU. Every morning, before school starts, he posts a blog on his school blogroll asking all the kids a "what would you do" question. An example would be, "Suppose a bear snatched you up and took you to his cave-like abode, and upon arrival he asks you if you would like to dine on "tea and crumpets" with him? Then the kiddos all have the chance to comment on the post. He started this a couple of weeks ago and got about 10 comments per post, but now, it is very popular and BUNCHES of kids comment and cannot wait for his daily question! I think it's kind of neat, I would have never thought about doing something like that. The blog is just supposed to be a social networking device and kids mostly just use it like a "supervised" chat room...leave it to my kid! Secretly, I get excited to see what the next question is too...will not tell him that, though! His head doesn't need to be inflated to that extreme!! :)
  • He really wants to try fencing and take a pottery class. I did find out from a friend that "Kana"has fencing lessons... so we will see about that!
  • Working on finding some sort of volunteering programs for teens, but this will probably be done through 4-H.
  • Music Lessons


  • Shooting Sports (4-H)
  • Nature Seekers (4-H)
  • Tennis Lessons
  • Soccer
  • T-Ball in the Spring
  • Junior Bible Quiz
  • He really would like to do Karate....but Chris and I are still debating on making him a weapon as of right now! :)

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