Friday, July 16, 2010

Television Go Bye-Bye!

Well, we have made the transition! The cable is completely gone. We went from thousands of television channels to extended cable (hundred or so channels) to basic channels (abc, cbs, nbc, pbs, etc.) to now....nothing! I don't really miss it other than the pbs channel for the little one. We have just found other things to do.

We do; however, subscribe to netflix for less than ten dollars a month and have a huge selection of t.v. shows and movies to pick from. This is really a neat option that the entire family enjoys. When we feel like watching the television, it is like having a movie store in your family for something you like, select it, and voila!'re watching it!

The kiddos are allowed to pick one program per day that they want to see and also are allowed to watch a show with Daddy if he turns the television on in the evening after work. They really love all of the options and I really love the cheap ticket price!!

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