Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't Leave Me Here....Part Deux.

This week Braydon is going to another vacation bible school. He has so much fun at these! Last night David and I went to Teen Court in Texarkana, so Daddy had to drop Braydon off. Braydon is normally a child that will run out of the car into a building and forget to tell you good-bye....not last night! Chris said that he cried, held onto his leg refusing to let go, and just had absolutely no desire to stay. Chris was finally able to leave and Braydon had a wonderful time with everyone. First thing this morning he was ready to go back!

He has done this at some other places lately....hmmmm. He was really Mommy's boy when he was about two, but when he grew out of that.....he had NO fear of leaving Mom behind!

At the ripe old age of five he is having another bout of separation anxiety!!??!! Seems so strange for his personality, but I suppose that is just the way it goes sometimes....we can never predict what our kiddos are going to do, can we??

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