Thursday, January 29, 2009

Free Willy.

This story has been circulating around our house for the last few days causing sporadic hysterics and giggles, so I thought I would share. (Even though it is kind of embarrassing)

At our previous residence our house had a foyer that led into a hallway with a powder room to the side. The hallway was rather narrow and the powder room was down the hall, halfway from the foyer and halfway to the kitchen. Getting the picture? Anyway, the door to the powder room opened into the narrow hall but still leaving a space from the adjacent wall. Normally, we would keep this door shut to keep the hallway nice and open without any trafficking obstructions. NOT this day!

Picture this: Me, thirty-nine weeks pregnant, extremely overweight, appearing as though I was having triplets, and on a mission. (My mission was just to make it into the living room and sit. I had extreme difficulties walking and staying upright at this point in my pregnancy. I was one hot mess.) And here I come, waddling my way through the hall, trying to first pass through the kitchen so that I may have a mid-point snack, then on into the living room. such luck. I didn't quite make it to the kitchen. I was stopped by the nuisance of a door and a wall. Somebody didn't shut the bathroom door, but I thought that I could squeeze my massive self through without any serious issues. Ummm, WRONG! The door hit my super-sized belly and the wall hit my ginormous bootie! I was stuck. Wedged in between the wall and the door. What was I to do? I did what any girl in my situation would do...called for my husband.

That was the mistake of a lifetime. At this point in time, I am not even thinking about the comedic nature of the event. I have my mind set on getting de-wedged. SO, my loving hubby comes around the corner and almost hits the floor because, obviously, instantaneous laughter such as this can cause you to loose your footing. Hurumph!

Good news; though, nobody was hurt and the door didn't have to be taken off of the hinges to set me free. Thankfully.

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