Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ear Tube Excitement.

On Sunday, Braydon came to me stating that he thought his tube was coming out of his ear. He knew that the other ear's tube had presented itself in a big bunch of wax, and he had a glob of wax falling out of his head. Good assumption, little guy! So, I checked it out and was not prepared for what I was about to see. There was all kinds of gooky-guck in his ear and his tube placement looked very odd. (I will spare all of the exact details for those of you who have weak tummies.)

The next day we went to our family doc and he said, at first, that the tube was not in there. I had just seen it prior to the office visit, so I knew it was around there somewhere. After poking around a bit, he discovered it and then he casually leaned back on the desk, crossed his arms and says, "His tube has went back into his eardrum." HUH?!?! What??? I have never heard of such a thing. That had to be one of those possible complications that they tell you prior to surgery that you really don't think will happen. Well we were destined to go to "Kana" and see a specialist to get that bothersome tube checked out.

Yesterday, we visited the specialist. The doc looked in Braydon's ear with a special microscope type binocular thingie and put a little funnel in his ear. Next, he took an instrument, grabbed the tube, and then proceeded to use a vacuum to suck out the nasty. (Again, I will spare the details) Fifteen seconds and it was all over. Braydon was so brave!

So what happened?
The tube came loose from it's original site and his body went into "attack the foreign object in my ear mode". So, granulation tissue formed along with the unmentionable gook. That is why his ear looked like a train wreck!

For his courageous acts, we did take a trip to the mall and get a large m&m chocolate cookie. That made everything better.

And this is what our week has been like thus far.......


Andrea said...

OH! Poor Braydon! Ear tubes are such naughty things. Why don't they just stay put where the doc places them! Jeremiah's have crawled their way out twice now!

Lisa said...

I am so glad to hear that all went well. I had been wondering all day, and I was going to send you an email when I decided to see if you wrote a post on it. See you Friday!