Monday, February 18, 2008

Weedeaters, Chickens, and Us

So, we have never had a blog before. Chris thinks it is a good idea for us to archive our daily goings here we go.

Nothing much to say about Nashville other than the title of this post. I did, however; leave out the fact that the town does have an "odor" from the chickens every so often (more often than not).

As all of our family and friends know, Chris has taken a job here at Husqvarna and we have been introduced to the country life. A lot of adjustment has taken place for all of us, especially the kids when I drag them to our only chain store in town DAILY, Walmart. I never really was a great lover of Walmart, but now holds the title of "the mall". I have probably been in every aisle, seen every item, and looked at every piece of produce in the store....thrice!
I think Fargo, our chihuahua, is probably the most adjusted thus far. He doesn't seem to mind the change, always new territory to sniff out!

Well, that was it, our first post. More to follow if I can figure all this out!

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