Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Texarkana Teeth

So...Braydon fell a couple weeks ago and hit his front tooth on the 'ol chaos causing coffee table. It bled. He cried and screamed. After using the "cold pillow" (Braydonism for ice pack) on his mouth, it appeared fine. A few days later swelling went away and then....the dusky colored tooth. I then knew the nerve was no more. My heart was broken. No mommy wants to see their little one lose a tooth before it's time. It was time for a trip to the dentist.
I called around. Trying to find pediatric dentists in a small town is just great fun, can you see my fake grin?? Anyway, I was referred to somebody through a local dentist that wasn't taking anymore children as patients, so that dentist gave me another name. His name is Dr. Wharton-Palmer. He is located in Texarkana....so I called him and made an appointment.
We began our trek to "the Kana" (Texarkana) this morning with Peter Pan in the DVD player, the pacifier, and two teddies. Life was good. Arrived ahead of schedule, filled out necessary paperwork while Braydon played (they had a slide inside!), and they called us back. We went into this little booth and they proceeded to ask some medical history, which I had just previously filled out in the initial paperwork, but anyway, they asked him to pick out a toy and he was gone. He was such a big little man holding his teddy bear and walking into the exam room. I (not as brave as him) went back to my perch, back in the holding tank. About 10 minutes later, a breath of fresh air said, "Mrs. Smith". I jumped up and followed her back to Braydon. He was smiling from ear to ear with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and a toy race car in his clutches.
The doc came in next with great news! No cavities....and the tooth is fine, it will just be a little darker than the rest and will eventually fall out on it's own. Whew. The dentist was Australian, I believe, extremely friendly, and Braydon hung on every word that he spoke. I was immensely impressed with him and his office staff. See ya in 6 months, doc.
Afterwards, we decided to go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch as a treat for being such a brave little guy. We played in the kid's room a while and decided it was time to.....go home, NAH...let's go shopping!!
Ok, the shopping craving was satisfied and it was time to head back. We put Over the Hedge in the DVD player and returned to the "ville".

Once home I remembered I needed to reschedule a hair appointment for Chris. His lady had to cancel on him Friday due to panic attacks. Hopefully, she doesn't have any with the scissors in hand! Wish him luck, he goes tonight. Hehe.

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