Wednesday, February 20, 2008

David's Short's scary!

In Nashville, there used to be a large and beautiful house which was supposed to be badly haunted. Locals told how horrid noises were heard at the dead of night. The clanking of chains which grew louder and louder until there suddenly appeared the hideous phantom of an old man. He was a picture of filth and misery, his beard was long and matted. His white hair was wild and uncombed. His thin legs were loaded with the weight of chains that he dragged wearily along with links while all the time he raised his arms and shook his shackles in a kind of helpless fury. The ones brave enough to stay a whole night in the house were almost petrified out of their senses. At first sight of the phantom it was even worse....death and disease followed those who had stayed a night in that house. The old house was totally abandoned with just a lonely For Sale sign, but nobody ever even inquired about it and it fell to ruin and decay. One day there was a couple that was helpless, no where to go, could not find lodging in Nashville. They rented this place even though they knew the story of the ghost phantom. On their first night there they started decorating and they heard the rattling chain and saw the gruesome old man. The ghost beckoned them with a tired finger. They followed him to the garden and per his request dug a spot and found a skeleton, his skeleton bound in chains. They gave him the proper burial he had been asking for for many years.

Some say, though, you can still hear the rattling of the chains......

The End by David Smith

We were so proud of David...he wrote this in school today for a 30 minute assignment...not too shabby for an 11 year old!


Lisa said...

Way to go David! There are some awesome descriptions in that story.


Mema said...

David, Grandma is so very proud of you. You have a great imagination!! I love you so much !