Thursday, February 25, 2010

Optical Amazement!

We went to the "kana" yesterday for a couple of errands that needed to be ran. An eye appointment for David was on the itenerary along with a trip to Tarzshay, Target, the fancy way :). Also needed to buy Braydon his new boots, although we didn't quite get to that one.

In the exam room at the eye doc, Braydon was sitting on David's lap and reading the letters on the wall. Well, when the letters were getting smaller in size (keep in mind they weren't really small, they were only a couple lines down from that humongous honkin' E! So, me being the loving, wonderful momma that I am says, "Oh, you stop goofing around and read those letters, those things are huge, I know you can see those!" Anyway, I decided to get his eyes checked just to make sure all was alright.

So they did that fancy refraction machine thingamajig that tells them what's going on.....sure enough, the boy is EXTREMELY far-sighted. Vision was 2o/60 both eyes! Poor buddy! The doc said that a lot of kids are far-sighted and just grow out of it, but Braydon will be in glasses the rest of his life, there was not going to be any growing out of those bad eyes, he said! My baby! He is only four and getting spectacles....hurumph!

We picked out some frames for both of the children and they are being processed by the lab. We will have them next week possibly. During the "picking out" process, the eye drops had taken affect on Braydon and he was zonked out. The techs found a desk chair with wheels and we were wheeling him around the office, picking out frames, having him open his eyes and lift his head for moments at a time to try on the eyewear....what an adventure!

We did find out that David's eyes are medical book material. He is far-sighted in one eye and near-sighted in the other! Weird, huh? He also is classified as having a lazy eye in his left eye. This is not the type that makes the eye wander, so when you look at him you do not have to wonder where he is looking. It is a term dubbed for an eye that will not correct to 20/20. The last doctors were only able to get David to 20/50 and 20/40. This doc was able to get him to 20/30! So we are very excited that he will be able to see the best he has been able to as of yet.

The trip was definitely full of surprises for us. Next trip, I suppose, we will get the boots, oh and pick up the ol' specs!

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