Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It Has Been A Crazy Two Weeks.

Braydon woke up last Tuesday morning complaining that he was "not well". He hit the nail on the head with that comment. My last couple weeks I have been on snotty kleenex duty and because of his sore throat, have been summoned with the call of a laser gun! Gotta love it. No sleep was in store for this mama the first five nights...collectively, I think, there was about six hours of "nite nite" during that time. What an adventure...for all of us.

In our recuperation period, there was a medicinal river flowing through our house. From the anti-pyretic waterfalls to the anti-histamine lagoon, it was a "treat the symptom" kind of time. I think that the course of a cold virus is just so ridiculous! First you try to dry up the snot with the anti-histamine/decongestant so the cough will be quieted. Then the cough develops a little more and you medicate with the suppressants so the kiddo is able to sleep through the night. Finally you use the expectorant to MAKE them cough and purge all unwanted "goo" from the chest. What a vicious cycle! BLAH!

On Sunday morning, David woke up "not well"....hurumph! He had some sort of Braydon's virus, just mutated slightly into a lesser evil. Chris and I developed a little "yuk", but nothing like the kiddos. We are all on the mend now and ready to get out of the house!

The one time it does snow and stick to the ground down here, we were not able to play in it! Oh well! We are just thankful that everyone is better and a doctor visit was not required!

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