Monday, October 5, 2009

Goings On.

Just a few things happening at the ol' Smith ranch:
  • Cruise attire shopping this past weekend....after the funk had left the house for 24 hours.
  • David woke up this morning with more funk...crud!
  • Sooooo much laundry to do with the constant changing of the germ-ridden sheets.
  • Formulating the initial packing list for the cruise.
  • Started writing out the typical daily goings on for while we are away.
  • Planning some meals for my mother-in-law so she doesn't have to mess with it.
  • Lots of rain AGAIN around these parts.
  • Shoe organizer for the laundry room broke (really bothering my OCD ....going to Wal-Mart later to see what I can replace it with).
  • Braydon has another soccer game tomorrow....always amusing.
  • Waiting on some books to get here that I ordered.

That's about it....hopefully everything will get done!

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