Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blame It On The Rain.

Last week when we arrived home from Texarkana, we discovered something very wrong! There was a disturbing plop, plop, plop coming from the play room. David came in from said room and yelled, "Mom, the ceiling is leaking"!!! Oh crud! That cannot be good. I am not a professional contractor or anything, but I do believe that water coming into the house without an invitation is a very bad thing. I called husband and he came home immediately to repair our issue. He climbed up into our attic and there were several different water intrusion sites! He put buckets up to catch the water droppings and we were off to "kana" again that day to get some supplies.

When we arrived home, the rain had ceased and we were in good shape. The contractors came to look at the damage, and we are getting a new roof, compliments of Shelter Insurance Agency.

We have seen enough rain for this year. My hair is as curly as it has ever I haven't gone crazy and had a perm. It is all thanks to my friend, Gustav.

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