Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mastering A Couple Of Consonant Blends!

Finally, the day has come! Braydon has figured out the ST and the SM sound...yeah! We constantly were working on this, but it was just not something that was clicking with him. We were in our bedroom the other night just working on saying some words correctly....and BAM...he did it. No more fmell, fmart, fop it!, or finky. (Smell, smart, stop it, and stinky,) Now, we are still working on the TH sound....maybe it will come with time just like the others. He can now partly say his last name. It was Braydon we have graduated to Braydon Smif! I will take what I can get.

Other progress for Braydon:

He can write almost all of his letters (uppercase only)
Writes his name by memory (mastered this at is just looking nicer now!)
Knows almost all of the letter sounds
Can write a few words from memory: (all uppercase)

He has asked so many times to write these out he has just remembered how they are spelled. I am in the process of teaching him how to read two and three letter I will keep you posted....not too shabby for a four year old!

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