Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fasting and Fillings

During the month of January, our church has suggested we fast from certain things of our choice. One thing I was fasting from was social media.....hence the lack of posts.  So I am now fasting from sleep in the early a.m.  I am getting up 30 minutes earlier to spend time with the Lord.  It has been quite refreshing, and I may just continue doing it.

So, I have a lot of cavities that I have neglected to fill.  I am starting the journey to get them fixed...blah!  I have a plan all laid out for me by my dentist and it is going to take five exciting visits. I had the first visit this past Monday and I am having to go back today because something has malfunctioned in the ol' mouth...yuk.  I was having no pain prior to the procedure on Monday and now it feels as though a herd of elephants are kicking me in the!  There is some inspiration to go to the dentist, eh??

Maybe I should fast from dental work???? Just sayin...

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michelle edwards joy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon..OUCH!! Enjoy the fasting.