Friday, February 4, 2011


We were under a warning for a possible one inch of snow last night and today....well, the forecasters get a gold medal once again! We are at about four inches and counting....still snowing!

Braydon was inundated with a snowball attack from me! I got him once, he fell, and I just kept on throwing snow globs at him....he was laughing so hard that he couldn't get up from the ground....good times!

It is soooo much fun to go out and play in the snow with the kids.  Unfortunately, we do not have the proper attire now that we are down south, this is just so unexpected! We bundled up, as best as we could, and played for about forty minutes....then we came in to a nice warm house and hot cocoa!!
We are all still in shock that we have seen snow twice this year! What a blessing for the kids to be able to play in it again! Thank you, Lord, for days like this where it is so fun to transform myself into a kid again!
The weather is so unpredictable here.....70 degrees this past weekend....four inches of snow today???

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