Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goings On.

I have just a moment to write a few things that have been going on:
  • New life groups at! Chris is doing Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey and I am in a Mom's group. David is in powerhouse and Braydon does JBQ.
  • COLD weather for this area! Today's high is 30 degrees!
  • Braydon's birthday numero six is coming up in a few weeks...and we are going with the "camouflage" theme!
  • David is raising money to go on a church youth trip to Florida!
  • Chris is working really long hours and we miss him bunches!
  • Planning on taking a trip to Indy soon....
  • Braydon has a JBQ meet this Friday night and he is going to try for another quiz out.
  • School, of course.
  • I, personally, am trying to lose the weight that I gained on the cruise and over the holidays! I am using my elliptical that my wonderful hubby bought for me :) It is going well...and I am almost there!
David did eventually get the sickness that was lingering through our house after he returned from the he did miss the toothpick bridge competition...I think we are still going to build one and test it though!!

We are all well now and just waiting to see what adventures God has in store for the Smiths in February!

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