Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Current Studies!

This is for all of our family and friends that are wondering what the kiddos are doing in school right now!!


Geometry:  Logic problems/proofs. (David's favorite!)
English: Writing a research paper currently and studying gerunds and participial phrases with diagramming.
Geography: Studying the Northeastern U.S.
Biology: Mitosis, meiosis, and starting genetics chapter.
Spanish: Studying uses of of "ser" and "estar" with prepositions and relative pronouns.
Bible: Christ and the religious leadership.

Literature will begin in about 6 weeks after his Grammar/Writing section of English is completed. We will also be doing some keyboarding and working on some sort of building project??? We have not decided what as of yet! David is also in a shooting club with 4-H, teen helper for two other 4-H clubs, in Toastmasters, Teen court (prosecuting attorney), and in January will be the president of his shooting club. He is also involved in our homeschool group.


Phonics: Learning more consonant blends...still working only on the short vowel sounds in reading.
Math: Addition, subtraction, time, perfecting counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, money, and introducing fractions.
Science:  We just studied the migratory patterns of several birds, and are currently learning about ants, bees, and some other insects.
Social Studies:  Learning the capitals, flags, nicknames, and one special point of interest of each state...currently Montana!  Just finished a study on Christopher Columbus and haven't picked our next person of interest yet!!
Bible:  Junior Bible Quiz and we do a daily bible reading/lesson.
Writing:  Practicing sentence structure and punctuation.

We are also working on the calendar/weather. After Christmas will be doing some music lessons! It will soon be time to start T-ball after that.  Braydon is also in a shooting club with 4-H and two other 4-H clubs.  He is the photographer/reporter for his shooting club. Braydon is also involved in our homeschool group!

Hope this answers your "wonder what those Smith boys are studying/up to?" questions!
Be blessed!!

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