Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Funk.

Our household has been battling the "funk" now for a week or so and it has led to, at least it feels like, no other human life contact of any sort!  I MISS PEOPLE!  We, unfortunately, have not made it to ANY of the kids' Christmas parties or church events in the last week! I am feeling good, though, that we are getting through the "yuk" now rather than through the Christmas holiday. 

The stomach/intestinal bug has been going through our little town and thus far we have not been blessed with it, thank you Jesus, but I have been on high alert with leaving the house in our "weakened" state, so needless to say.....we are all craving some friend time!!

Friends:  I will be calling all of you very shortly for play dates and Mommy time....miss you!

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