Thursday, December 16, 2010


Really? Is it time for this already?  Jeez!  I cannot believe that we are researching colleges for my kiddo!  Time really flies, doesn't it?  This is exciting but scary for me all at once.  I am very proud of David and the young man that he has become and is becoming, but YIKES, why is he getting so old so quickly??  It probably doesn't go as fast for him as it does his Momma...I remember it went terribly slow when I was his age, but here I am...about to be the parent of a college kid....what in the world?? I am too young for this...hehe.

I will be buying some ACT/SAT preparatory stuff this summer for him to get started on and he will be hitting it hard for 2-3 years.  A very wise, wonderful woman did tell me a great tip which I plan on putting into place!  She said to treat ACT/SAT prep as you would treat a part time job.  Don't let him take a job outside of your home.  Make the 10-15 hours a week that he would spend at a job studying for his exams.  What a great idea!!  If you score a 32 (I think) or higher on your ACT in our state, you receive the Governor's Scholarship, which is fifty or sixty thousand dollars (I cannot remember the exact amount anymore) and then the school of choice comps the rest of the tuition costs that the scholarship does not cover, if any.  If you have any left can be applied to graduate school! Awesome!  There is NO part time job that will pay off like that, in my opinion!  That is what we will be working towards.

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